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Special Property of TMS

1.Stable Fastening Tension
TMS TC Bolts are manufactured with a high level of quality control which ensure constant mechanical properties, especially the twisting shear strength of the pin tail. Therefore the axial tightening force for a group of bolts is constant.

2.Stable Torque Coefficient at Different Temperature
TMS nuts are manufactured with special surface treatment which minimize the effect of temperature variation on the axial tightening force 

Bolt tension is calculated using the formula below.

N =


K x d

N : Bolt axial force (kg)
T  : Torque value at shear off of pin tail (kg.m)
K : Torque coefficient
d : Bolt nominal diameter (m)

3.Easy and Convenient Use of Bolts
No special skill is required in using TMS TC Bolts, Fastening finish can be identified visually by the breakage of pin tail. Special control or inspection is also unnecessary. The breakage of pin tail has already ensured a stable fastening tension.

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